Hey (inserts hand waving emoji) I'm Autumn Grace, Founder of Eclectic Vibist. I created this store out of my sheer passion for creative things. After work or on weekends, I often would find myself in a Home Goods, Target, Anthropology or some Indy Boutique looking for something I just couldn't find. A lot of these places have commercial mass produced things that CAN lack personality or risky colors or patterns. Don't get me wrong, I am an AVID Target shopper, I'm ashamed to look at my credit/debt card statements as I'm sure some can relate. My lust for cool crafty things inspired me to create a site where people can find some uncommon cool stuff. Whether you're looking for some cool BOHO Elephant Hammer pants or some yarn doily to hang in your hallway. I'm always on the look out to have that stuff here.. I will say, I'm a bit newer to the whole meditation thing. However, it's totally helped me manage my anxiety. The funny thing is, the more I opened up about it, the more I realize so many people need an outlet or help managing stress. My goals is to not only items that create a zen environment but also share the apps I use with guided meditations for other fellow newbies who might need a nudge. So, with this micro biography, feel free to cruise the site and see if you can find something cool to make your own.

-Autumn AKA EV