Candle & Smudge Collection

4 products

Hidden inside each candle is an actual crystal or gem stone which you can...

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Eclectic Accessories

15 products

This collection is full of bold colors, patterns and full on eclectic. VIBE!

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Eclectic Art

21 products

We love Tribal, Bold, Abstract and Cultural Art. Browse our collection.

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Eclectic Footwear

11 products

Hand picked footwear that has just as much personality as you do (assuming you...

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Eclectic Home

28 products

Fun Finds to jazz up your space.

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Eclectic Men

22 products

Couldn't forget about the fella's. This collection is hand picked just for ya'll. More...

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Eclectic Women

46 products

Latest in Bohemian, Indie, Ethnic clothing from jumpers, dresses, tops and lounge bottoms..  ...

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Impress Collection

5 products

Fun, colorful and of course eclectic dresses.

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Meditation & Wellness Collection

10 products

Take to a yoga mat or mediation pillow an let the good vibes roll....

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Statement Decor

18 products

Bedding that stands out with bold colors, patterns and themes!

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Swim Collection

11 products

Find cool, patterns and designs in swim!

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Tee Shop

17 products

Find cool, funky, odd and cute T shirts in our Eclectic Tee shop

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Wall Decals

13 products

African and Afro Centric Wall Decals.

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